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There are currently no open faculty positions.  Please check back.

Staff Openings

Senior Research Engineer

The position involves research and supporting acitivites associated with the modeling, analysis, and testing of radio frequency communications, radar, and remote sensing concepts using software defined radio platforms such as the Ettus X310 system and wideband digitizers.  The position will have a focus on developing FPGA-based signal processing implementations as well as integrating subsystems to achieve real-time, high throughput capabilities.  Depending on project awards, the position could involve implementation of real-time interference suppression algorithms or the integration of a system and implementation of algorithms for spectrum monitoring.  In both cases, real-time FPGA processing is critical to achieving technical objectives associated with the projects.  Additionally, the position involves leading or supporting RF experimental measurement campaigns that will be conducted in laboratories or outdoor sites at the University of Notre Dame as well as at other external sites, to include longer-term testing campaigns with Notre Dame's field research vehicles.  The position will involve the preparation of technical (theoretical) reports and journal papers (as appropriate)  describing the theory associated with developed techniques and the performance of the techniques in comparison with conventional approaches.  The position also requires the generation of invention disclosures and material for patent applications as warranted.  The position will also require supervision of postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students to coordinate research efforts to ensure fulfillment of grant research obligations. Additionally, the position may involve business development, to identify and explore potential applications of Notre Dame technology and to pursue funding lines for the conduct of research.   Other supporting activities are associated with the position, such as laboratory oversight, participation at meetings with sponsors (to include giving presentations), and other miscellaneous activities to directly support the grant-based and contract-based research. 

If you are interested to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Thomas Pratt via email (Thomas.pratt@nd.edu).


Postdoctoral Openings

A postdoctoral research position at the University of Notre Dame is anticipated beginning October 2016 to conduct research under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Pratt.   U.S. citizenship is required. The research will focus on the use of software defined radios for radio frequency applications.  The candidate will primarily be responsible to implement advanced signal processing techniques on FPGA resources, but will also be responsible to help integrate the operation of multiple SDRs, to develop signal processing algorithms, and to support the conduct of laboratory and field experiments.  Candidates with EE or CSE degrees and with FPGA programming experience are preferred.   The ability to work in a team environment is essential.  The duration of the position is up to 18 months, depending upon start date.  A renewal may be possible, but is not certain.  If you are interested to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Thomas Pratt via email (Thomas.pratt@nd.edu).