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Graduate Courses Offered:

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EE60462 - VLSI Design

EE60542 -Analog Integrated Circuit Design

EE60546 - IC Fabrication

EE60548 - Electromagnetic Theory

EE60550 - Linear Systems

EE60551 - Mathmatical Programming

EE60553 - Advanced Digital Communications

EE60554 - Communication Networks

EE60555 - Multivariable Control Systems

EE60556 - Fundamentals of Semiconductors/Physics

EE60558 - Microwave Circuit Design and Measurements

EE60563 - Randon Vectors, Det. and Estimation

EE60565 - Optimal Control

EE60566 - Solid State Devices

EE60573 - Random Processes, Det & Estimation

EE60580 - Non-Linear Control Systems

EE60587 - Quantum Mechanics for EE

EE60632 - Introl to Systems Biology

EE60647 - Alternate Energy Devices/Materials

EE60671 - Advanced Digital Signal Processes

EE63001 - Intro to Res in Communications

EE63502 - Solid State Seminar

EE67003 - Advanced Digital Signal Processes

EE67027 - Vacuum and SEM Technology

EE67030 - Research Perspective in EMD

EE67039 - Imaging Technology

EE67040 - Networked Control Systems

EE67043 - Fundamentals of Modern Optics

EE67046 - Intro Markovian Jump Linear Systems

EE67047 - Microwave, THz Circuit, Compents/Systems

EE67048 - Wireless Communication and 4G Cellular

EE67049 - Topics on Smart Grid Technology

EE67050 - Reversible Computing

EE67051 - Optoelectronic Devices

EE80603 - Transmission Electron Micro

EE80653 - Information Theory

EE80654 - Coding Theory

EE80656 - Advanced Semiconductor Physics

EE80675 - Stochastic Control Theory

EE80676 - Stochastic Geometry Wireless Networks

EE87024 - Wide Bandgap Device Physics

EE87025 - Hybrid Dynamical Systems

EE87026 - Statistical Thermodynamics

EE87027 - Network Info Theory