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Digital Lock-in Amplification for Quantum Applications


8/18/2017 at 12:00PM


8/18/2017 at 1:00PM


100 Stinson Remick Hall


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Alexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov

VIEW FULL PROFILE Email: aorlov@nd.edu
Phone: 574-631-8079
Website: http://www.nd.edu/~aorlov/
Office: 227 Stinson Remick Hall


College of Engineering Research Professor
Research Interests: My topics of research are experimental studies of nanostructures and nanodevices with main focus on experimental single electronics and nanomagnetics. This include single-electron devices used for sensors, memories and logic, quantum-dot cellular automata (electronic and ...
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Today the use of lock-in amplifiers is scattered over a very wide field of applications. After a quick introduction to lock-in techniques, this seminar will discuss the specific advantages of digital lock-in technology in terms of speed, multiple parallel signal analysis, and software toolset. We will illustrate these aspects with the practical example of superconducting qubit control and measurement. The seminar will also contain a live demonstration of the Zurich Instruments UHFLI.


Seminar Speaker:

Bruno Küng

Bruno Küng

Zurich Instruments

Dr. Bruno Küng obtained his PhD in Physics on single-electron counting in semiconductor quantum dots in the group of Klaus Ensslin at ETH Zurich. He continued on the subject of superconducting qubits in the group of Olivier Buisson at CNRS Grenoble. His research work gave him a thorough understanding of the needs of researchers in quantum computing and quantum transport. He joined Zurich Instruments in 2015 as an expert on quantum applications.