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Senior Labs

Overview of Senior Laboratories

Our curriculum provides unique hands-on experience for our students, particularly in their senior year, through state-of-the art laboratories. Our instructional labs for seniors include:

EE 41446 IC Fabrication Lab

EE 41446, Integrated Circuit Fabrication. In this hands-on lab course, students fabricate their own silicon chips. It is part of the Bits-to-Chips course sequence where students learn about all aspects of IC design and fabrication. In EE 446, students start with a bare silicon wafer and fabricate a CMOS microprocessor that they have designed in previous courses.

EE 41455 Control Systems Lab


This lab is an integral part of the EE41455 Control Systems course, where the design of linear feedback control systems is studied via state-variable methods and classical root-locus, Bode and Nyquist methodologies. Feedback control is essential in making our machines function well, airplanes fly and automobiles start in cold weather and being safe; it is also making it possible for our body to regulate temperature and perform many other vital functions.

The lab successfully integrates software tools and hardware implementations for control system design. Topics taught include the modeling of dynamical systems, together with analysis and design methodologies to attain and maintain stability and meet desired specifications in the transient and steady state responses, while guaranteeing robustness to parameter variations and external disturbances. Experiments involve software packages such as Matlab and Simulink together with custom made electric circuits, analog computers, servomotors that control ball and beam, flexible arm and inverted pendulum experiments.

EE 41458 Microwave Circuit Design and Measurements Lab


Prerequisites: EE 30358 or consent of instructor
Introduction to microwave circuit design and analysis, with emphasis on applications for modern microwave communication and sensing systems. An integrated laboratory provides exposure to measurement techniques for device and circuit characterization at frequencies above 1 GHz. Enhanced understanding of circuit design and analysis principles for microwave circuits using advanced computer-aided design software will be developed.

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EE 41468 Photonics Lab


A hands-on overview of the important role of photons alongside electrons in modern electrical engineering. Photonics technologies studied include lasers, optical fibers, integrated optics, optical signal processing, holography, optoelectronic devices, and optical modulators. A survey of the properties of light, its interaction with matter, and techniques for generating, guiding, modulating and detecting coherent laser light.